Mirror Indicate Shoulder Check

Written by Elliot Ingram

Mirror, Indicate and Shoulder Check. Three words every driving instructor will use countless times a day. But what exactly is Mirror, Indicating and Shoulder Checking and what purpose does it serve?

Mirror, Indicate and Shoulder Check is the process a driver needs to complete before merging or changing lanes. As you can see for the image below the green highlighter area is the vision a driver would get from a mirror check. The reason for the shoulder check is to attain the red portion in the image known as the blind spot. A good way to think about it is that using your mirror will give you 90% of the information you need to make your decision and a shoulder check will provide you with the remaining 10% the mirror misses.

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Where to start with my new learner

Written by Elliot Ingram

Believe it or not being a learner drivers supervisor is a very important job. Without realising expectant drivers are looking and picking up on Mum and Dads driving behaviour and habits. Here are some helpful links and information to help you in the development of your learner driver;

You can start conversations about driving before your learner driver gets their learner licence.
While you’re travelling together in the vehicle, explain the driving tasks you’re thinking about as you drive. Talk to your learner driver about how you:
1. Scan the road environment
2. Perceive and recognise hazards
3. Make decisions to avoid them.
4. Helping the learner driver build road awareness will make it easier when they start driving. As your learner driver progresses to their provisional licence, this assistance can make a big difference to their safety and driving future. (QLD Transport).

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