Defensive Driving Course

Learn How To Drive Defensively & Stay Safe

The full day course involves a mixture of PowerPoint lectures, video presentations, demonstrations and numerous in-car driving experiences to enhance your active driving skills and road safety awareness (all based on Safe Drive Training’s extensive research into road crashes and driver behavior).

We will teach you Defensive Driving Skills such as:

  • Contributing factors in crashes (The real fatal 4)
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Tyre selection and care
  • Reactive car control skills
  • Driver attitude and behavior
  • Wet weather driving
  • Risk taking & peer influences
  • Vehicle stopping distances
  • Low risk/safe driving techniques
  • Road law and dealing with hazards
  • Skid prevention and recovery
  • Vehicle technology (ABS, SRS, ESP)
  • Proactive driving


Upcoming Defensive Driving Course

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