Advanced Car Control Course

Learn Advanced Vehicle Control Techniques

Prerequisite – Completed any Certified Defensive Driving Course or hold an Open licence

The 8 hour course is 85% practical and involves advanced exercises on wet and dry bitumen; plus cornering techniques on the driver training circuit. You will also learn through experience how to recognize and control skids on a wet skidpan circuit.

We will teach you Advanced Vehicle Control Skills such as:

  • Driving Vision, Steering and Posture
  • Braking (Lock-up, Threshold, ABS, Braking in Corners)
  • Reactive Manoeuvres at Speed (Slalom and Lane Change Tests)
  • Advanced Cornering Techniques and vehicle control during laps of the Driver Training Circuit
  • Theory of vehicle control and vehicle preparation (tyres, suspension, maintenance)
  • Correct use and limitations of vehicle technology such as ESP, EBD, ABS, TC
  • Skid and Slide Recognition (Understeer, Oversteer, Spins)
  • Skid Prevention Techniques
  • Skid Control (Reactive Throttle Control, Steering correction, Balance Points)


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